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Why Private Training?

There are many times when private training can be a better, more appropriate option for you and your dog:

  1. Your issues aren't addressed with a class: Classes have a set curriculum, so that means that what you really need help with might not be fully addressed (or addressed at all) in a class environment.
  2. Some dogs just don't do well in a class: Is your dog sensitive to sounds, commotion, new dogs, new people, etc? If a class is overly stressful for a dog, then learning doesn't happen very well. For some fearful, anxious, or shy dogs, a class can be overwhelming. Dogs that aren't comfortable (or might be potentially aggressive) with other dogs or people don't fit well either.
  3. Behavioral problems: If your dog has behavioral issues like fear, aggression, etc., a class won't address these needs, and your dog likely needs more intensive work.
  4. Classes don't fit your schedule: Classes have set times, and if that doesn't match your schedule, you'll miss out on a lot!
  5. You just need a little assistance. Maybe you're doing a class, but need some at-home pointers to fine tune it too.

Private training allows you to work at your pacing and address your needs. You can ask as many questions as you need to!

Private Training Options:

Due to time constraints, we no longer offer in-home private training services. We will continue to offer services via email and phone.

pawprint One-on-One Phone & Email Training Package: If you're long distance, prefer a less expensive option, or just want some assistance, the one-on-one phone & email training package can be valuable assistance. Through this package, you will receive 2 phone consultations and up to 10 emails. You will provide detailed information via the training form, and you can submit videos were helpful. Trainer will provide you with assistance to fit your training needs. $50.

All private training begins with a questionnaire. To speed up the process, we offer this form on our website. Fill out and submit via an e-mail:

Private Training Questionnaire Form

pawprint Payment: For our phone and email training package, payment can be made via Paypal. Once we have been in contact, an invoice will be created and sent via Paypal for payment. Once completed, training can begin!


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